Property Inspection Report Farnborough

Call us for a property inspection report in Farnborough for UK Visa and Immigration on 07500242494 or complete our online form.

We are one of the leading property inspection report provier for UK visa and Immigraiton in Farnborough, within borough of Rushmoor, Hampshire. The purposes of the Housing inspection report for UK Visa is to check if the property is safe and fit human habitation and to ensure that the property is not and will not become overcrowded for both current and proposed of occupants.

At the time of we will count and measure all habitable rooms (normally bedrooms and living room) and look around the for the general condition of the property, repairs and the provision of adequate kitchen and bathing facilities are in satisfactory condition.

We provide property inspection report for immigration purposed all over the Farnborough areas including Farnborough North, Farnborough South and Farnborough West within the borough of Rushmoor.

Property Inspection Report Farnborough for UK Visa and Immigration

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