Property Inspection Report

The Property Inspection Report for UK visas and Immigration is a supporting document to prove that the intended accommodation is suitable when you are applying for UK entry clearance visa and settlement application or you are sponsoring someone.

The property inspection report will ensure that the property:

  • Adequate: Adequate accommodation’ is a mandatory requirement for UK visa applications.
  • that the property satisfies the overcrowding standard in the Housing Acts 1985
  • will not become overcrowded if any more people were to move in
  • assessment of the number of rooms and occupants for the proposed accommodation.
  • property is safe, in a good state of repair and doesn't pose a health and safety risk.
  • provide a safe and healthy environment for the occupants
  • it contravenes public health regulations.
Property Inspection Report

Do you need a property inspection report

As states in section 11 (MAA11) Adequacy of accommodation under the Guidance of Maintenance and accommodation (MAA), the visa applicant needs to provide evidence that the applicant has "Adequate of accommodation". Property inspection report from suitable qualified body can be submitted as the Evidence of Adequacy of accommodation. Please read details below for further information. This evidence is required for Spouse visa, Marriage Visitor visa, Fiancé / Fiancée Visa, Family visas (apply, extend or switch), Visit visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), Visa extension, UK Partner Visa (husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partners), Dependent Visa and any type of visa

UK Visa Accommodation general requirements

The ECO must be satisfied that The availability and adequacy of accommodation has been arranged where the applicant will be moving into. The ECO should be satisfied that the accommodation is(or will be) owned or legally occupied for the exclusive use of the visa applicant or the sponsor and the property is capable of accommodating the visa applicant, and any children, without overcrowding as defined in the Housing Act 1985.

Adequacy of accommodation:

The ECO’s judgement should be based on the evidence from the applicant. A Property Inspection Report can be submitted as a evidence that is prepared by qualified body independent of the applicant or sponsor confirming the status of the proposed accommodation, that is, size, occupiers and so on. This Property Inspection Report (also known as Housing Report) not only ensures that your accommodation is adequate, but also also explain the details of current and proposed sleeping arrangment to satisfy the overcrowding provision within the defination of housing act 1985.

Evidence to satisfy the Accommodation general Requirements

It depends on your circumstances what type of documents you will need to include in your application. Here is the most common scenario:

1. You and/or your partner owns the Property: You may include:
Title deeds of your property. You may already have it along with your other property documents or You can Get a copy of the deeds from HM Land Registry.
mortgage statment: If the property is mortgaged, you may submit a mortgage stament or provide a letter from the mortgage provider confirming who owns the property.

2. Rented accommodation:
- A signed and dated letter from your the accommodation provider (landlord, estate agent, council, local authority etc.) stating that they do not have any objection to bring the applicant (s) into the property.
- Tenancy Agreement: current tenancy length etc

3. family or friend’s home: If You and your partner will be living in a propery of your family or friends, they should write you a letter stating that they are happy and allowed to let you and your partner live in the property. They may also consider to provide you mortgage or Title deeds for the property. The letter should be signed and dated.

Property Inspection Report for UK visas and Immigration

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Evidence of Adequacy of accommodation:

The visa applicant needs to provide evidence that there will be adequate accommodation and that the property will not be overcrowded. The Housing Act 1985 generally governs the rules in respect of overcrowding. A property inspection report produced by a qualified body/ person can assist with ensuring that all aspects of the rules are met. Therefore we strong urge that you take a provide a property inspection report for UK visas and Immigration to meet the "Adequacy of accommodation" provision.

An independently obtained assessment will provide full details of the accommodation, together with confirmation of the number of rooms and those in occupation at the property.

Property Inspection Report for UK Visas and Immigration

Property Inspection Report:

A chatered surveyor or Environmental Health Officer will visit the property and inspect it using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and the overcrowding provisions of the Housing Act 2004 to determine the suitability of the property. The property must be free from Category 1 Hazards, be in a reasonable state of repair and have sufficient accommodation for both the current occupiers and any additional people who propose to live there. If the property meets the required standards then we will issue a confirmation letter which can be used as part of a visa application.

The letter will contain following details:

  • Name, date of birth and passport number of applicant seeking entry to the UK
  • Name and date of birth of the person sponsoring the applicant's and their relation with applicant.
  • Names and dates of birth of all current occupiers and their relationship to the applicant or sponsor.
  • Present and proposed sleeping arrangment comply with housing act and as described in immigration rules.
  • Whether the property was free from Category 1 Hazards
  • Under section 604 of the Housing Act 1985 (as amended) the property is fit for human habitation.

Housing Act 1985


324 Definition of overcrowding.

A dwelling is overcrowded for the purposes of this Part when the number of persons sleeping in the dwelling is such as to contravene —

(a) the standard specified in section 325 (the room standard), or

(b) the standard specified in section 326 (the space standard).

325 The room standard.

(1) The room standard is contravened when the number of persons sleeping in a dwelling and the number of rooms available as sleeping accommodation is such that two persons of opposite sexes who are not living together as a married couple or civil partners must sleep in the same room.

(2) For this purpose—

(a) children under the age of ten shall be left out of account, and

(b) a room is available as sleeping accommodation if it is of a type normally used in the locality either as a bedroom or as a living room.

326 The space standard.

(1) The space standard is contravened when the number of persons sleeping in a dwelling is in excess of the permitted number, having regard to the number and floor area of the rooms of the dwelling available as sleeping accommodation.

(2) For this purpose—

(a)  no account shall be taken of a child under the age of one and a child aged one or over but under ten shall be reckoned as one-half of a unit, and

(b) a room is available as sleeping accommodation if it is of a type normally used in the locality either as a living room or as a bedroom.

(3) The permitted number of persons in relation to a dwelling is whichever is the less of—

(a) the number specified in Table I in relation to the number of rooms in the dwelling available as sleeping accommodation, and

(b)  the aggregate for all such rooms in the dwelling of the numbers specified in column 2 of Table II in relation to each room of the floor area specified in column 1

No account shall be taken for the purposes of either Table of a room having a floor area of less than 50 square feet.

Table I
Number of roomsNumber of persons
5 or more2 for each room
Table II
Floor area of roomNumber of persons
110 sq. ft. or more2
90 sq. ft. or more but less than 110 sq.ft.
70 sq. ft. or more but less than 90 sq. ft.1
50 sq. ft. or more but less than 70 sq. ft.½