Home Office Property Inspection report for Immigration

Home Office Property Inspection report for UK Immigration

Over the years some clients have required our services after not submitting a Home office property inspection report for Immigration and being told by UKVI that their case has been rejected.

It is a requirement to submit a property inspection report with your Visa application to the Home Office as part of your supporting documents.

The required supporting document is an Immigration Property Inspection Report, it is the only evidence that the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) and UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) accept as evidence of adequate accommodation.

UKVI Immigration Rules can be satisfied through a property inspection report which confirms the intended accommodation:

i) Is not statutorily overcrowded under Part X of the Housing Act 1985 and has sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupiers and any additional people who propose to live there, and;

ii) Has been inspected and risked assessed for Category 1 and 2 Hazards to ensure that the accommodation complies with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) under the provisions of Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 (i.e. it will not contravene public health regulations).

How we can help you..

- Qualified, experienced professionals specialised in producing reports which meet UKVI requirements

- Competitive, affordable service offered

- Quick turnaround with our 24 hour, short notice emergency service

Immigration Property Inspection Reports apply to those applying for the following Visa Applications but not limited to - All Settlement Visas, Spouse/ Fiancée/ Marriage/Unmarried Partners/ Civil Partnership Visas, Dependant Visas and Family Visit Visas.
Home Office Property Inspection report for UK Immigration, also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports, Immigration Accommodation Certificates, Immigration Housing Survey Reports or UK Border Agency Inspection Property Reports.

The risk of a visa application being rejected…

The high risk of an entry clearance or settlement application being rejected by an Entry Clearance Officer if a property inspection report is not provided with an initial visa application to support that the 'accommodation requirement' has been satisfied under the Immigration Rules.

Please contact us here to get a home office property inspection report for immigration to ensure that your entry clearance visa or settlement application is not refused by the UKVI.