Property Inspection Report Job Vacancy


JOB CODE: 4161
SALARY: £25,700.00 per annum

Job description: 
In the role of Business Support Manager, your responsibilities will include aiding the operation manager in executing policies, generating reports, and creating presentations. Additionally, you will take charge of scheduling inspections and travel, and when necessary, recording minutes and tracking essential tasks for the team.

Entry requirements of this job:
Entry will usually require GCSEs/S grades but if possible with other academic qualifications and/or relevant experience is also acceptable. However previous experience of similar work is preferred.

Tasks required by this job include to:

• Create work schedules, distribute tasks and assign responsibilities to the team to conduct inspections and generate reports.
• Review and revise reports and documents as necessary, checking for errors, inconsistencies and clarity.
• Manage administrative tasks to support both the central team and the client.
• Communicate and collaborate with internal and external resources or clients.
• Assist with establishing and maintaining consistent training standards.
• Facilitate effective communication and coordination within the team to ensure smooth business operations.
• Develop and maintain records for staff.
• Enforce the appropriate procedures for reviewing, issuing, amending, and approving various policies

To apply for this position please send your CV to:
Application deadline: 09 June 2023


JOB CODE: 4151
SALARY: £25,600.00 per annum

Job description:
In the role of Sales Administrator, the candidate will be responsible for assisting customers with inquiries related to the company's sales and services. This will involve providing support and addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

Entry requirements of this job:
The minimum academic requirements for this post are GCSEs/S grades or equivalent qualifications. However experience in similar work is preferred. Further training will be provided on-the-job. 

Tasks required by this job include:

• Assisting customers by providing them with information about the company's services and associated fees.
• Responding to telephone inquiries from prospective clients on behalf of the sales team.
• Generating sales invoices for services provided and maintaining accurate records of sales activity.
• Addressing any client complaints related to the service and either resolving the issue or directing the complaint to the appropriate member of the team for action.
• Completing general administrative tasks in support of the company's service offerings to customers/clients.
• Developing plans to help increase the company's sales growth

To apply for this position please send your CV to:
Application deadline: 09 June 2023


JOB CODE: 3543
SALARY: £25,800.00 per annum

Job Description: 
As a Marketing Executive, the candidate will be responsible for developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to promote the company's services. This will involve planning, advertising, and organizing events to effectively reach the company's target clients and raise awareness of its offers and sales information.

Entry Requirements of this Job: 
The minimum requirement for this job is that the candidate must possess a BTEC/SQA award or A levels or equivalent qualification. However experience in working in similar position for long time will be considered and preferred.

Tasks required by this job include: 
As a marketing executive, you will need to:

• Communicate and establish relationships with targeted clients to establish customer loyalty.
• Develop and implement a suitable market research methodology and prepare detailed proposals outlining the programs of work and associated costs.
• Assist with the creation and execution of marketing plans, advertising, direct marketing and campaigns in order to promote or marketing the company services or product line
• Write and proofread marketing copy for both online and print campaigns.
• Manage social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other relevant platforms for marketing the company product line
• Organize and participate in events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions.
• Coordinate with designers and printers to produce marketing materials.
• Ensure the efficient distribution of marketing materials to target customers.
• Maintain and update customer databases to inform customers about company promotions.

To apply for this position please send your CV to:
Application deadline: 09 June 2023