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Before UK Border Agency (UKBA) provides immigration visa to UK, even if it is just for a short visit or as part of a spouse visa application, confirmation is required that the accommodation provided for that person is of an adequate size to accommodate the number of persons living there, and will not become overcrowded if a further person/persons reside there.

The property must meet a certain standard, in accordance with the Housing Act 1985. The Home Office information guide on supporting documents can provide more information on supporting documentation with regards to UK Visa Application – which includes the property inspection report.

What is Property Inspection Report?

An independent accommodation report to establish that the property will not be overcrowded after applicant arrival and that it is suitable for living under the Housing Act. The UK visa property inspection report confirms the number of bedrooms and other rooms in the property, details of the current occupiers, and applicant’s details (name, date of birth, passport number) as the proposed future occupier.

When you make a visa application to Home Office or British Embassies and High Commissions for entry clearance, visa extension, indefinite leave to remain, you may need to provide a Home Survey Report of the property you are moving into as part of the application. This accommodation Report can be used for Spouse Visa, civil partners visa, fiancé / fiancée and proposed civil partner or any other visa/ immigration where you need to proof that new arrivals will not need to be further re-housed once they arrive in the UK.

Space survey for UK visa or UKVI property inspection reports will confirm that the property –

  • Fit for human habitation and meets health and safety criteria of the property set by Section 604 of the Housing Act 1985 (as amended).

  • Is not statutorily overcrowded under Part X Overcrowding of Housing Act 1985, and will have sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupiers and the applicant.

  • Is free from Category 1 and 2 Hazards in Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) given under section 9 of the Housing Act 2004.

  • Other relevent comments based on property condition and applicant’s circumstances.

Areas Covered

We provide property inspection report service All over the UK and throughout LondonEast London, South East London, South West London, West London, West Central London, North West London, North London, East Central London and all areas in London Councils

Our popular areas for Property Inspection Report
Birmingham, Leicester, Sussex, Coventry, Portsmouth, Southampton, Luton, Cambridge, Kent, Bristol, Derby, Essex, Surrey.

Other UK Areas
If your area is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07500242494 or please visit our Property Inspection Report near me page as we provide Property inspection report for immigration sponsorship throughout the UK.

Why choose us for Home Survey Report for immigration?

  • Our Team members are fully qualified, highly experienced in producing the reports

  • Our Team comprises of Certified members of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and hold Masters of Science (M.Sc) degrees from the top universities of the United Kingdom with engineering background.

  • We prepare customised Property inspection report based on applicant’s circumstances and property conditions. Before generating the final report, we will send you a draft copy so that you can check yourself all information in the reports are correct.
  • Our property Inspection report is strictly compliant with guidance set by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) and follow current legislation of Housing Act 1985 and the Housing Act 2004.

  • We have a quick turn around from initial property inspection to our clients receiving the completed report

  • We pride ourselves on our Excellent customer service and go the extra mile to make sure we meet all our customers requirements during this stressful time for them and their family member

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Visa Property Inspection Report

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