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We provide Property Inspection Report in London covering all London Borough Councils including -

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Our Surveyors / Environmental Health Practitioners are available at round-the-clock service to visit your property even weekend and evening as well. We are available 24/7 to answer your call and have a very quick turn over to produce the accommodation survey report. We offer pretty straightforward service; you call us, book an appointment and our surveyor will visit your property and you will get the home survey report for immigration within three working days but if you need the visa Property inspection report urgently, you can choose our express or super express service means you will get the report next day or same day but will incur an additional charge.

Please call us on 07500242494 / 020 3129 5156 for further information about the property inspection report London Borough Councils areas or Complete and submit the contact form for our service related inquiries. We are one of the leading Accommodation report providers in the industry offering our service nationwide and our team members has years of experience in producing the property inspection report. we have 100% success rate as our report meets all the requirements set by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) under Maintenance and accommodation (MAA) Guidance.

Information required to prepare the Property inspection report

In order to prepare the UKVI accommodation survey report we need following information:

  • Applicant's details: Name, Date of Birth and Passport Number
  • Sponsor's details: Name and Date of Birth
  • Other Occupants: Name and date of birth (if available) of any other people living in the property and their relation with sponsor.
  • Visit the property: A surveyor or Environmental Health Officer will visit your property; will take all sleeping rooms measurements and will assess the property to comply with Part X of Housing Act 1985

To prepare the accommodation report, no other documents are required but we may asked you further documents if the assessor in doubt about anything about the property. Also you need to sign the assesement form to confirm that the information you are proving is current and you are giving us the concent to use the information to assess and prepare the inspection report for immigration. Find our more about our Privacy Policy.

In addition to our Visa Property Inspection report, the applicant should submit following documents:

    Rented Property:
  • A copy of tenancy agreements. See more about Private renting for tenants Here

  • A letter from the owner of the property (landlord, housing authority, housing association or a building society); often this letter is called "No objection letter". The purpose of this letter is that the owner of the property is giving his/ her concent that the applicant will be allowed to live in the property.

  • Owner occupied property:
  • If the property owned by sponsor/ applicant a proof of ownership should be submitted; example copy of mortgages statements or a title deed

What information will be in the property inspection reports?

Property Inspection Report London
To meet the Adequate Maintenance & Accommodation requirements under Part 8: Annex F of Immigration Directorate Instruction Family Migration, the housing inspection report will include: