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Please fill up the form: If you are not sure anything about the form or the information is not handy please leave it blank. You can provide this information at the time of property inspection. Field with Asterisk (*) is mandatory.

SECTION A: Applicant #1

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SECTION B : Details of the Sponsor

SECTION C: Property to be occupied

Habitable Rooms: Please measure all rooms except Kitchen, Hall, Stairs and Bathroom or Store rooms.

Living Rooms :


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Current Occupant

Relationship with applicant e.g. Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter.



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Bedrooms - where located, e.g. ground floor/ 1st or 2nd floor, front, middle/rear

1. Bed Room

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Other Rooms - not kitchens or bathrooms, where located and what used for




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SECTION E : Declaration

In accordance with Section 335 of the Housing Act 1985, I declare that the statement of the number, ages and sexes of the persons sleeping in the house is accurate.

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