Property Inspection Report South East London

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team to carry out the Property Inspection Report for UK visa and Immigration in South East London and nationwide. As part of the visa and immigration process for entry clearance into the United Kingdom, you may be asked to demonstrate that you can be adequately accommodated. The accommodation must not be overcrowded within the definition of Part X of Housing Act 1085 and that the property meets the minimum statutory housing standards.

The purpose of the property inspection is to ensure that proposed accommodation meets the minimum statutory housing standards and additional person(s) living in it will make it overcrowded. How many people can live in a property depends on the number of sleeping rooms available and size of the room. Find out more.

We provide Property Inspection Report service for UK Immigration throughout South East London, including the following areas –

Property Inspection Report South East London

What is included on the property inspection report?

The property inspection report will confirm whether the accommodation is adequate for both current and future occupants as per Housing Act 1985. If the property meets all legal requirements, we will write a a letter confirming that the property is currently not overcrowded and will not become overcrowded on arrival of the visa applicant.

The following person information will be in the report:

> Name, date of birth and passport number of visa applicant.
> Name and date of birth of sponsor and his/ her relation with applicant.
> Name and date of birth of other people living in the house (if any) and their relation with the sponsor.

Property Inspection Report South East London for UK visa and Immigration

Immigration Property Inspection Report is also known as

  • Entry Clearance Inspection Reports
  • Home office property inspection report
  • Immigration Accommodation Reports
  • Immigration Housing Survey Reports
  • UKBA Property Reports
  • Property inspection report for spouse visa
  • UK settlement visa applications property inspection report
  • Immigration property inspction report for spouse entry clearance
  • Immigration inspections for visa purposes
  • Immigration inspection – British High Commission Inspection
  • housing inspections and accommodation certificates
  • UK Entry Home Office Inspection
  • Immigration housing inspections
  • Property inspection report for immigration sponsorship
  • House inspection for immigration
  • Accommodation Certificate for UK Entry Clearance

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